Passarola Hvar

Our Menu

International cuisine, new and ancient dishes prepared with modern expression can be tasted here in Passarola.

Cold starters

  • Oysters 40,00 kn

    (oysters served with red wine vinegar and brunoised shallot)

  • Beetroot soup / garlic emulsion 75,00 kn
  • Pesce crudo 150,00 kn

    (white fish marinated in olive oil and salt, pomegranate jam, cauliflower in citrus)

  • Tuna tartare 160,00 kn

    (Black garlic emulsion, 13 herbs and Passarola butter)

  • Meat platter for two 230,00 kn

    (Dalmatian prosciutto, cheese selection, marinated vegetables, olives, garden salad)

  • Fish platter for two 290,00 kn

    (marinated mackerel, sea grapes, marinated prawns, sour rock samphire, fish pate)

Warm starters

  • Daily soup 55,00 kn
  • Fish soup 65,00 kn
  • Dalmatian “buzara” musseles 155,00 kn
  • Escargot risotto 180,00 kn

    (vineyard snail and parsley risotto)

  • Seafood risotto 180,00 kn

    (risotto with daily seafood)

  • Shrimp risotto 230,00 kn

    (shrimp risotto with smoked olive oil and saffron)

  • Black orzotto 180,00 kn

    (pearl barley orzotto with cuttlefish and octopus)

  • Popay ravioli 160,00kn

    (homemade ravioli with spinach and cheese)

  • Lobster ravioli 280,00 kn

    (ravioli filled with lobster and server with lobster velouté)

  • Prawns pasta 180,00 kn

    (home made pasta and prawns)

  • Seafood pasta 180,00 kn

    (home made pasta and seafood from local boat)

  • Tongue and dates 180,00kn

    (sous vide ox tongue, dates with cheese and Escoffier’s Espagnole sauce)

  • Scallops 155,00 kn

    (full scallops wit parmesan cheese and leek)

Main dishes

  • “Gregada” 390,00 kn

    (traditional Hvar’s fish stew)

  • Brudet 390,00 kn

    (dalmatian white fish and palenta)

  • Roasted chicken for two 350,00 kn

    (signature Passarola receipt with potato puree, and chicken jus) (40 minutes waiting time)

  • Sautéed octopus 160,00 kn

    (octopus in sweet wine, new potatoes and basil)

  • Pašticada 210,00 kn

    (lamb leg Pašticada with homemade gnocchi)

  • Lamp / black vegetables 310,00 kn

    (lamb rack, black vegetables and lamb jus)

  • Turbot / chicken skin 265,00 kn

    (turbot file with crispy chicken skin)

Fresh fish and daily caught sea food

  • Fresh white fish 600,00 kn


  • Grilled seabass or seabream 180,00 kn
  • Grilled shrimps 550,00 kn


  • Squids 450,00 kn


  • Lobster 980,00 kn


Passarola steak

  • Tomahawk steak 680,00 kn


  • Tournedos Rossini 260,00 kn

    (beef steak with boletus mushroom and foie gras)

  • Grilled lamb rack 255,00kn

    (sauteed season vegetables and new potatoes)

  • T-bone steak 450,00 kn


  • Wagyu 2300,00 kn



  • Fried onion and potato salad 45,00 kn
  • Swiss chard, Dalmatian style 45,00 kn
  • Grilled vegetables 45,00 kn


  • Seasonal salad 35,00 kn
  • Marinated prawns and rocket salad 85,00 kn
  • Chicken salad with toasted bread 75,00 kn
  • Beef salad with grana padano cheese 180,00 kn