Passarola Hvar


We offer a wide range of professional made cocktails from our cocktail master that will fulfill and your desires.

Cocktail menu

  • Martini / Botanically Brewed Mixers 75,00 kn

    Botanical tonic water, fresh fruit and herbs

  • Espresso Martini 75,00 kn

    Vodka Absolute, espresso, kahlúa, simple syrup

  • Mojito 75,00 kn

    Havana 3y, brown sugar, fresh lime, mint spring, sparkling water

  • Aperol Spritz 75,00 kn

    Aperol, prosecco sparkling wine, sparkling water

  • Italicus Spritz 75,00 kn

    Italicus prosecco sparkling wine

  • Whiskey Sour 75,00 kn

    Jameson, fresh lemon juice, egg white, simple syrup

  • Negroni 75,00 kn

    Beefeater gin, campari, martini rosso

  • Zacapa Old Fashioned 95,00 kn

    Havana union, sugar cube, fresh orange peel, chocolate bitter

  • Moscow mule 75,00 kn

    Vodka Absolut, fresh lime, ginger beer

  • Margarita 75,00 kn

    Tequila Avion, Cointreau, fresh lime juice

  • Amaretto sour 75,00 kn

    Amaretto, burbon, fresh lemon juice, bitter

  • Martini 75,00 kn

    Beefeater 24 gin, martini bianco, olive, lemon twist

  • Gray Goose Le Fizz 110,00 kn

    St. Germain, Gray goose vodka, lime juice, soda water

  • Daiquiri 75,00 kn

    Havana, lime juice, simple syrup

  • Manhattan 75,00 kn

    Jameson, Martini rosso, angostura bitter, cherry